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Explore and discover beautiful vintage watches without breaking the bank. We specialize in curating accessible pieces that deliver incredible value and enjoyment per dollar. Each piece is like a vessel journeying through time, brimming with craftsmanship, bearing its own stories, and igniting a sense of nostalgia - these are the magical elements that make vintage watches so special and exciting. 

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Driven by passion, not sales. 

Oldtimer was born out of a profound love and passion for watches. Fueled by a desire to share that passion with others. While running a watch shop is fun and rewarding - I'm an avid collector first, dealer second. Our foundation is built around trust, camaraderie, humility, and community. Our mutual love and interest for watches creates a bond that transcends the transactional. We prioritize relationships over profits. 


“In a world that's always in a hurry, I find comfort in the gentle rhythm of vintage watches”

Watch collecting is more than just a hobby for me; it's a perpetual journey through time. If this piques your curiosity, I extend my hand. Together, let's explore the hearts and souls of these horological wonders and get lost in the magic of vintage timepieces.